SIP-16 Incentivise Token Holders, Reduce LPs Share, Slash Treasury



This proposal is based on ideas presented by community member Artemon.

Artemon prpoposes a two step road-map:

  1. Purely marketing focus in the short term to attract new community members, by incentivising token holders with max commissions possible on the platform for a period of 3 months. Slash the treasury and dev efforts.
  2. Focus on development and pools three months later. The short-term engagement generated by marketing would lead to a much larger treasury in future time frame.

I suggest giving the Commission to the holders for the next three months. I expect that this will cause an influx of people, an increase in the volume of trade, an increase in the exchange rate. After this percentage can be revised, gradually reducing it, but directing the released money to development.

Proposed Fee Structure

Current pool structure is:
Trading Fee: 0.03 %
Admin Fee (Treasury): 0.01 %
LPs: 0.02 %

As the max admin fee possible is set at 50% of trading fee, this would mean a max of 0.015% for incentivising token holders.

Artemon’s proposed pool structure is:
Trading Fee: 0.03 %
Token Holders: 0.015 %
LPs: 0.015 %

This would ensure all the trading fees from the Swerve platform is equally distributed between LPs and token holders. The treasury will be slashed for now, and so will be the dev efforts.

Does the community want to move forward in this direction?


  • Yes
  • No

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