SIP-17 Direct 0.015% from Trading Fees to Treasury



As discussed in the governance channel, the current priority for Swerve Finance is to have a functional treasury capable of funding all short and medium term dev efforts. At present volumes and fraction of trading fee redirected to treasury (33%), it could be a while until the treasury fills up.

To counter this problem, this proposal seeks to increase the Admin Fee to be redirected to treasury from 0.01% to 0.015% (33% -> 50%) to ensure the treasury can get to healthier levels faster, thereby making development goals more easier to attain.

The fee redirected to treasury will be gradually lowered once it has reached an optimum level. A cap for the treasury will also be set in a future proposal, which would pave the way for distributing rewards to veSWRV holders.


Current Specs

Trading fee: 0.03%
Treasury: 0.01%
LPs: 0.02%

Proposed Specs

Trading fee: 0.03%
Treasury: 0.015%
LPs: 0.015%

Next Steps

Once the treasury has reached an optimum level, the community can decide to gradually scale down the fees, set the treasury cap, and also discuss veSWRV rewards distribution of assets over the treasury cap, or any other innovative distribution mechanisms that the community approves.

Should the admin fee to be redirected to treasury, be increased to 0.015%?


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