SIP-2 Swerve Treasury


To make the future development of Swerve Finance possible, and ensure sustainability, it is imperative to have a treasury to be utilised for all future development of the protocol.

This proposal seeks to enable an admin fee (currenlty set to 0) to be redirected to the treasury as a fraction of the current trading fee (0.04%), so for example a 50% admin fee would mean 0.02% from the collected 0.04% trading fee would go towards the treasury.

Please note, since admin fee is a % of trading fee, if the trading fee is changed in the future, the same change would take place in proportion on admin fees being redirected to treasury.

Mechanisms for the treasury would be discussed in the future if this proposal passes.


  • No Admin Fee
  • 1% Admin Fee for Treasury
  • 5% Admin Fee for Treasury
  • 10% Admin Fee for Treasury
  • 25% Admin Fee for Treasury
  • 35% Admin Fee for Treasury
  • 50% Admin Fee for Treasury

Off-chain Vote:

I’d be in favor of 100% Admin fee for treasury as a temporary measure, If we could have that as a choice. For a growth project, using funds for growth is much more important to the project than distributing the fees to token holders. Token holders should care about token appreciation rather than distribution of fees in the short term.


i am in favor of a 50-100% admin fee to treasury up to a certain threshold ($250-500k like yEarn). Then we can decide how to share the fees that don’t go to replenishing the treasury


The overall average of votes on this proposal is around 36.8% currently (and mode is 35%). If SIP-3 goes through with either a 0.0275% or 0.0300% trading fee (average 0.0278%, mode 0.0300%), we should probably set this at a round 0.01% (and not an unrounded number such as 0.0102304% or 0.0105%).


Looks like 35% is winning the vote. I was thinking 50% to start with and once treasury becomes sizeable, we reduce the % but 35% is acceptable. Cool!

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