SIP-3 Reduce Trading Fees


To better compete with Curve, and as a lot of community members have suggested, this proposal seeks to reduce the trading fee from currently set 0.04% to a lower amount to encourage adoption of Swerve as the go-to pool to trade stable-coins by offering the best rates.

Lower fees should offer a minute competitive advantage to Swerve’s SWUSD pool in competition to Curve’s Y Pool.


  • 0.0100 %
  • 0.0200 %
  • 0.0250 %
  • 0.0275 %
  • 0.0300 %
  • 0.0350 %
  • 0.0375 %
  • No Change

Off-chain Vote:

I don’t think the trading fees matter that much for growth, adding more primitives and getting more teams to build on top of swerve is the path to growth, not lowering fees.

my understanding is trading fees DO matter, especially in the case of trades routed through swerve from other places (e.g 1inch).