SIP-4 Incentivise SWRV Holders


For days, community has been complaining about no incentive to actually hold SWRV apart from governance and boost. Quite a few suggestions have been made to incentivise holding of SWRV and vote-locking within the community.

This proposal seeks to gauge the readiness of the community to enable incentives for holding/vote-locking SWRV, and decide whether the community wants to move forward in this direction.

Should the SWRV holders/vote-lockers be rewarded? Such a reward can only take place directly from a % of trading fee, as was in the case of Treasury (SIP-2), or directly from Treasury funds.

I suggest the following choices:

  1. No Rewards
  2. Rewards From Treasury
  3. Rewards From Trading Fee
  4. Something else (discuss in Discord)

Mechanism will be discussed further based on community inputs and voting results of this proposal.


  • No Rewards
  • Rewards From Treasury
  • Rewards From Trading Fee
  • Something else (discuss in Discord)

Off-chain Vote:

I strongly disagree with rewards to token holders, the project needs funds to grow, any distributions should come after growth plans have been fully funded.


Strongly agree with Sabretooth. There should be NO reward of either holders of SWRV or of VESWRV, at least until there is significant and sustained trading volume on the platform and a clear path towards competing with Curve in the long run.

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while I agree that there should be no rewards to SWRV holders for a while to let the project grow, I think there needs to be some direction as to where the eventual fees will come from. IMO funding a 250-500k treasury is the most important decision we need to make in the next week


you can do like yearn, the treasury could have a cap (yearn is $500k), rewards are paid only if the min cap is reached