SIP-9-T4 External Multi-sig Keyholders Vote


As decided by SIP-9-T1 and SIP-9-T3, there would be a total of 7 mulit-sig keyholders for the Treasury, out of which 3 would be from the community, and the remaining 4 external representatives not directly involved in the community.

Post a community consultation, a vetted list of nominees for external keyholders was generated and approvals were taken from the external candidates. This vote presents all the external candidates who have agreed to take the responsibility of being a multi-sig keyholder, and thereby oversee the Swerve treasury.

The top 4 candidates by votes would be ratified as the official external multi-sig keyholders.

We would like to thank everyone on this list for their support to the ecosystem, and willingness to actively participate in treasury operations.

PS: Considering most of the community members have locked their SWRV in preparation for on-chain votes, this proposal uses Block 10,886,360 (same as SIP-10, SIP-12) for SWRV snapshot so everyone can vote the SWRV they held earlier prior to locking.


  • Arthur0x (DeFiance Capital)
  • Autism Capital
  • Fernando Martinelli (Balancer Labs)
  • Framework Ventures
  • Mick Hagen (Genesis Block)
  • Sam Bankman-Fried (Alameda)

Off-chain Vote:

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